Monday, February 1, 2010

A Beautiful Voice

Yesterday at church I sat on the opposite side of where I normally do. As we were singing, the most beautiful, deep voice boomed from somewhere near me. Wow, I thought. Who's voice had I not been hearing all this time? Subtly looking around, I systematically eliminated all of the men I could see until the only person who remained could hardly be considered a man. He was perhaps 16, and standing next to a woman who appeared to be his grandmother. And then, just like that, it was confirmed for me as I saw him open his mouth to bellow a smooth, deep verse of the song we were singing. I honestly felt I could listen to him all day!

Then it hit me - God hears our praise the same way I heard this young man. He loves to hear us speak His name and watch us serve Him. He enjoys every moment of it. It is beautiful to Him. How often do we hold back because we think we're insignificant? Truth be told, there is no good that is too small for God to appreciate.

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