Monday, February 28, 2011

Poem: Why I Understand Nuns

“Why I Understand Nuns”
circa 1999

I love Him because He didn’t steal my heart,
But rather asked gently, “Can I heal the hurting part?”
He said, “I’ll shower you with gifts—anything for you.
Just ask for what you want- that’s all you have to do.”
I am but an ugly rock standing next to Him,
But He says that I am the most precious kind of gem.
He says if I give Him my rags, torn and dirtied dark,
Then I will receive a sparkling robe, shining without a mark.
I tell Him I am tired from the battles I have fought.
He says, “I’ll give you strength, for this is how you’re taught.”
I say, “You will never understand me. You can’t see through my facade.”
He gently says, “ I love you, child, and that is why I‘m God.”

I say, “I am not worthy of having You to love.”
He says, “Take a look around you, look down and look above.
I created everything that you see and even more.
I am the reasons the flowers grow and the reason eagles soar.”
“But I, oh Lord, am not a bird. Nor, am I a flower.”
He says, “But you are a temple. And if you’ll allow, I’ll supply you power.”
I do not pretend to understand Him or the grace He shines on me,
And I do not pretend to think, my past He can not see.
I cry, “But my mind will not forget the memories that I’ve stored.”
He says, “I forgive you always, and that is why I’m Lord.”

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