Tuesday, June 7, 2011


One day about a year and a half ago, upon seeing the boyscout group at our local park, I asked Jacob if he'd like to be a boyscout. Adamantly, he answered he did not. He had developed some very strong feelings about them, which I thought was interesting since I don't know any boyscouts and I didn't think he did either. Fast forward to last week when I picked up Jacob from school. There were boys dressed in their uniforms, ready to go to their meeting. It all made sense now. He had obviously had an encounter or learned the reputation of one or more of the boyscouts at his school.

A few bad apples, right?

So many times I hear of the reputation many so-called Christians have earned for those of us earnestly trying to follow God. Christians are often stereo-typed for the wrong doings of those who called themselves something they never really were.

Or worse: sometimes Christians are exactly what the masses are perceived as, but we are too self-righteous to see it, humble ourselves, and ask God to change us.

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