Tuesday, August 9, 2011


Can I just take a minute to brag about my kids? I don't really like to do that very often because all kids are pretty amazing and, lets face it, most parents think their kids are more awesome than the rest. First, I must admit that I did one of those lame mom things - I've not let my kids use a gift card they received for Christmas seven months ago! It wasn't intentional, ok maybe it was. Regardless, here we are.

My mother has been looking into buying some backyard play equipment. Since my children spend a lot of time there, and I know my parents are struggling financially, I asked Jacob first, and then Josiah, if they would like to contribute a portion of their gift card. It seemed fair since they would both enjoy the equipment.

Jacob matter of factly responded, "Grandma can have it all."

No hesitation, no argument, just generosity. We could learn so much from our children.

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