Friday, September 16, 2011

Ka- Ka- King

Today marked a right of passage for Josiah - his first day of speech therapy. Having gone through this same process with Jacob, I knew exactly what to expect. As I listened to my four year old son interact with Miss Tonja, I giggled at things he said. Blue, green, black, white, and brown are boy colors. Pink and yellow are girls colors, and purple too. Don't you just love how children think?

Their first day together focused on the "k" sound. A classic error, Josiah forms his K's at the front of his mouth and it sounds like a T. I was impressed that in just 30 minutes of talking, Josiah's favorite dog had gone from "Tuptate" to "Cupcake". Thinking I would keep the momentum going, on the way home we discussed different things that started with a K. "Josiah, do we have a king?" I asked him.

"Yes," he replied.

"We don't have a king, we have a president," I corrected him.

He persisted, "No, we have a king."

Thinking I had outsmarted him, I asked, "Who is our king?"

He had to think for only a moment before telling me, "God is our King."

Yes, Josiah. Yes, He is.