Wednesday, December 21, 2011

A Christmas Eve Not Long Ago

This is one of my favorite poems that I've ever written.
I hope you enjoy!


Twas a Christmas Eve not long ago
That was much like any other.
Around the tree the family gathered:
Mother, Father, Sister, and Brother.
The stockings were hung by the chimney
(Because that's where they go),
And over the front door
Hung a piece of mistletoe.
Scents of eggnog and cider
And Dad's favorite - fruitcake -
Drifted in from the kitchen
From all Mom had baked.
The radio played
"Jingle Bell Rock"
And the little family
Began to talk.
"I want goodies and cookies
And all Mommy's best,"
Said the little girl
As she clapped by her chest.
"I want a bomb,
And I'll blow up the world,"
Said the action packed son
As he turned and he twirled.
"I want a makeover
And Rodeo Drive's finest clothes,"
Said the beautiful wife
As she struck a model's pose.
Without a moment's delay
The father began to speak
As he looked as his family
His voice was quite weak.
"I want a family that represents
Good in this life.
Not a glutinous daughter,
Angry son, or superficial wife."
There was a moment of silence
As through each person's head
Flashed a picture of regret
Of all they had said.
"I want a diamond
To sell for the poor."
"I want a machine
That will end all war."
The mother and son looked at the girl
Who said with laughter,
"I still want that cookie,
But I guess it doesn't matter."

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