Friday, May 10, 2019

FMF: Practice

I’ve been “practicing” this blog post over and over in my head all day. I’ve written and rewritten the words that I wanted to type but instead of actually doing it, they’ve gone undone and have been lost into space. So many things in my life get “practiced” for no reason:

There are the words that I wish I had said after I had a fight with someone.

There are the things that I should’ve done to improve a situation that I was facing.

There are the ways that I intend to act when I get somewhere important.

There is the way I’m going to look when I finally lose those next few pounds.

In all of this “practice” I am spending energy and effort on things that don’t matter. I am not preparing. I am not rehearsing. I am wasting. And so could it be that this supposed “practice” is really something evil disguised as something important. Could it be a wolf in sheep‘s clothing waiting to attack me, from the inside, from my own very thoughts?

This could be why we are instructed in Philippians to think about good things. To think about things that are noble. To think about things that are trustworthy. This is why we are told in 2 Corinthians to take our thoughts and make them captive. And it is why the real practice is eliminating these “practices” and instead focusing on Christ.

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  1. Next time I will do it right,
    and I will shape tomorrow,
    except I'm running out of light
    and courage I can borrow.
    Death has got me on the ropes
    and malignancies are spreading
    with mounting pain to crush the hopes
    of any happy ending.
    I am, though, oddly undismayed
    and smile a genuine smile
    for I know how this game is played
    and may yet win, with guile.
    Choose and reinforce your joy today,
    and victory's not far away.

    #1 at FMF this week

  2. The 2 Cor verse has come up several times of late, for me. That repetition sent me straight to the Word. I'm hoping that this won't be just practice. Instead, I'm hoping practice makes perfect; for the muscle memory of my heart to be developed over time to naturally recall those holy words in defense and protection, but also in joy and thanksgiving.