Friday, May 7, 2021

FMF: She

She speaks wise words and teaches others to be kind.
(Proverbs 31:26, NCV)

She cleans the house with bleach each week
to take her back in time.
When things were simple and she swam
but hated the finish line.

She likes the smell of cigarettes
but has never smoked a cig.
It reminds her of her auntie's smell
she remembers as a kid.

She plants things in her garden
though she doubts that they will grow.
Because as a child a concrete yard
was all she had to know.

She'd still hide in a cowboy hat
if she thought that it could be
That she'd be invited.
She is trying. She is me.

* * *
This post is a prompt from Five Minute Friday
and was written in approximately five minutes.
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  1. This is so sweet and nostalgic. We are all trying, aren't we? Be blessed today.

    Visiting from FMF#33

  2. I like your poem, and your honesty. That is so creative. Stopping by from FMF #37.

  3. A look back on simpler times which built who we are today. I would so invite you!


  4. Love this, Amie!

    So much resonates with me...the smell of bleach and swimming pools, the smell of cigarettes, the feeling that NOTHING is gonna grow here (well, tumbleweeds...).

    Great job, and so good to see you again!