Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Like water for my soul

Sometimes profound brilliance just spews out of me. =)

Like this morning while running with my friend Heather. As we usually do, our conversation bounced around more than a kid in a jump house. Near the end of our run I found myself telling her that some material I had recently read led me to believe that I need to drink more water. While it's great that I drink water before and after a run, I really need to make myself "in a perpetual state of hydration" - no joke, these were my exact words - by drinking water around the clock, and not just gulping it down when I'm going to run.

(Yes, I do realize at this point you're wondering when you're going to read the brilliance. And here it is...)

Isn't it that same way with our relationship with God? We know we need Him when things get hard. We might even thank Him when we survive rough times or something good happens. But what about on the days when nothing in particular is happening? We need a perpetual, constant relationship with Him too.

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  1. I love these little insights...that is why you are my spiritual friend. :-)