Monday, May 2, 2011

Any size you want

You're going to read a phrase a lot in this one: Completely Honest.

If I asked you to pick the clothing size you want to be, what would you say? Let's be completely honest - most people would pick a size smaller than they are. However, I propose that the size you are IS the size you want to be. You may dream of being a smaller size, but that is different. What do I mean? Even if you are completely unhappy with your clothing size, you are that size because you want it more or less than something else. Your size is a direct result - albeit confusing and mysterious at times - of the effort you put into it.

Tangent Alert: I'm not denying that there often genetic issues that are completely out of our control, causing a person to be thinner or larger. However, if we're being completely honest, in the majority of situations size is a direct result of diet, exercise, and social influence. Agree?

Ok, back to my last pre-tangent thought: The effort you put into it. When I am able to eat healthy and exercise frequently I find that my fat reduces and my muscle increases. Not necessarily rapidly or consistently, but there are definite changes in my body that do not occur when eating without regard and not staying active. Furthermore, I continue to read that eating healthy makes you want to exercise and vice versa.

So I am here to say that your faith, also, can be any size you want. Do you want to live a pseudo-Christian life? Though if we are going to be completely honest, is there really such a thing as pseudo-Christian? It's the religious equivalent of being half-pregnant. You either are, or you aren't.

Putting aside for a moment the items that you are pre-disposed to - a short temper, addiction, worry, or really anything that draws you away from God - what do you chose to do with your faith? Will you exercise it for the muscle it is and make it grow? Or will you feed the sinful nature that wants so many things that will ultimately lead to death?

As with diet and exercise, when you have victories in your faith over the little trials it is so much easier to be victorious over the big ones.

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