Wednesday, April 8, 2020

Two Days Silent

I have been two days silent,
but you will hear me soon.
Calling from the darkness
To prove from death I am immune.

I have been two days absent
but my face again you'll see.
I'll come back for Didymus
So that even he'll believe.

You've been two days mourning,
living in defeat.
By my stripes you were healed.
By sin I was not beat.

You've been two days waiting.
Now you're back to see the tomb.
You ask the angels seated there:
Has his body been exumed?

The day has come. It's finally here,
but wait just fifty more.
My Spirit will spread like fire to you
behind your closed door.

So go back to the brothers,
And with your lips you shall proclaim:
He is not dead. He is alive.
Jesus called my name.

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