Friday, May 29, 2020

FMF: Born

My older son is graduating high school this year.  Tomorrow would have been his Senior Prom.  I can't help but get nostalgic when I think about it.  It doesn't feel that long ago that I learned I was pregnant with him and even less time since that October morning I woke up with a very distinct pain through my abdomen.  I was in labor.  My son was about to be born.

I was only 21 years old and had not prepared sufficiently.  Of course there is really no amount of preparation that adequately equips you for the birth of a child.  Then there's also all the people who have wisdom they must share with you, things you must do.  There was a very nice man who worked in my office building back then.  He had young kids and we would talk casually about my pregnancy.  One day he made a point of telling me how I must have a home birth.  I listened to his story; yes, it was a beautiful birth story, but I knew it was not for me.

As that October morning progressed and my doctor told me I need a C-section, I thanked God I had not listened to my co-worker. My son's umbilical cord was wrapped around his neck. A home birth would have been detrimental for him. And so, as I remember that day, I pray my son's song will be the same as the psalmist:

I have depended on you since I was born; you helped me even on the day of my birth.
I will always praise you. (Psalm 71:6, NCV)

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  1. I hear you. My son is sixteen now, almost seventeen and I feel as though I only just had him. We just met and yet we are best friends who know each other better than anyone. Truly, it's amazing, and occasionally a bit terrifying how quickly time can fly. Or how completely we can love our child. All the more reason to be grateful for every moment He has granted us. Wishing you all of the best!

  2. All the things I longed for
    have faded into grey;
    I cannot do this for much more,
    and soon must go away.
    Please to understand, my friend,
    that this is not my choice;
    I do not want these days to end,
    and I so love your voice!
    But cancer's toll is taken,
    and I must bow my head;
    my heart is now sore-shaken;
    in time I shall be dead.
    But knowing you, I have been awed,
    and I shall speak of you to God.

  3. That is a beautiful prayer for your son. May he be blessed as he steps forward to a new chapter in life. Praying for you, too. We must let them go but it sure isn't the easiest thing parents must do.

  4. Wow, this is beautiful! Happy graduation to your oldest son. I totally believe he'll follow the path of the psalmist.