Sunday, November 8, 2020

Psalm 29

In my last post (Read it here: Psalm 23), I wrote that Jesus' sheep know His voice. Do you ever wonder what God’s voice actually sounds like? Maybe deep and booming.  Maybe high and squeaky.  Maybe He has an accent. In the Bible, God’s voice is described different ways. In 1 Kings it’s like a gentle wind or whisper (Read more here: Waiting for the Whisper). In Revelation, it’s like a trumpet. In Psalm 29 David describes God’s voice seven ways:

God's Voice is Above All
Psalm 29:3 says “The voice of the Lord is heard over the waters.” This reminds us that God created the entire world because in the story of creation, Genesis 1 starts by saying that God’s Spirit was moving over the waters.

God's Voice is Beautiful
Psalm 29:4 says “The voice of the Lord is majestic.” When you hear the voice of someone you love, doesn’t it sound good? David loved God’s voice and thought it was beautiful.

God's Voice is Big
Psalm 29:5 says “The voice of the Lord breaks the cedar trees.” Cedar trees were thought to be the biggest trees in the world. I’ve never seen a cedar, but I do know that in California we have some of the biggest trees in the world. Some are so big that a car can drive through the middle of it. God’s voice could break a tree, even one that big!

God's Voce is Fast
Psalm 29:7 says “The voice of the Lord strikes with flashes of lightning.” Have you ever seen a lightning storm? Lightning can move 200,000 miles per hours. That means that if lightning were moving around the world, it could go around seven times in one second!

God's Voice is Working
Psalm 29:8 says “The voice of the Lord shakes the desert.” When I think about the desert, I think about empty places. God is everywhere, even places that we don’t know or understand. (Read more here: Shake.)

God's Voice Changes Things
Psalm 29:9 says “The voice of the Lord twists the oak trees.” Have you ever seen a Joshua tree? Most trees grow straight up, but the Joshua trees grow twisted because the wind blows on them so much. Just like the wind can shape a tree, God’s voice can shape us if we listen to it.

God's Voice is Powerful
I think God’s voice is best described in Psalm 29:4. It says “The voice of the Lord is powerful.” Based on the first six descriptions of God’s voice, I hope you agree that God’s voice is powerful. 

There’s something really cool about all that power that God has. God is powerful, but He uses his power to help His people. Psalm 29:11 says "The Lord gives strength to his people. The Lord blesses his people with peace." He gives us strength when we need it. I don’t mean physical strength (well, maybe), but I mean He gives us faith to get through hard times. With His help we can make it through anything. And He gives peace during those hard times.

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  1. Interesting post. I had never given this much thought before.
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